Tummy ache/abdominal pain

It is extremely common to experience abdominal pain that gets better by itself or improves with simple painkillers such as paracetamol 2x 500mg tablets (1g) 4-6 hourly not exceeding 4g in 24hours. However, if you experience pain associated with reduced baby movements or vaginal bleeding, you need to contact your maternity team.

What we mean when we say “severe moderate or mild pain’’:

Severe pain:

always there and so bad it's hard to think or talk

you can't sleep

it's very hard to move, get out of bed, go to the bathroom, wash or dress

Moderate pain:

always there

makes it hard to concentrate or sleep

you can manage to get up, wash or dress

Mild pain:

comes and goes (not contractions)

you can manage to sleep

is annoying but doesn't stop you doing things like going to work or eating a meal

If something just doesn't feel right contact your local maternity team

East and North Hertfordshire (The Lister Hospital):

01438 284124

West Essex (The Princess Alexandra Hospital):

01279 444455, extension 2945

South and West Hertfordshire (Watford General Hospital):

01923 217343

For more information on local services please click here.


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