Support & Advice in Essex

Suport and Advice for Young People

The Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Service (EWMHS) provides advice and support to children, young people and families who are in need of support with their emotional wellbeing or mental health difficulties.  Any child or young person experiencing mental health difficulties as well as any parent, guardian or professional can access the service for help and guidance.  We can support people with a range of mental health difficulties faced by young people.  If we feel EWMHS is not right to help your particular need, then we can put you in contact with a number of different organisations who might be more appropriate.  Call EWMHS on 0300 300 1600 or email .  If you need urgent help out of hours please call 0300 555 1200.

N.O.W's the time for change (National Online Wellbeing Services) provides support to improve emotional and mental health for adults and children. We look at all contributing factors with an holistic approach to understand the root causes as all things are connected, mind and body & spirit.  All of our coaches are advocates to the benefits of self-healing and positive habit changes for emotional, mental and physical health.  With personalised coaching support we provide the tools and techniques to overcome life's challenges

Kooth is an online counselling service for anyone aged 10-25 in Hertfordshire. You can access a chat / messenger service, discussion boards, goal setting tools, a journal and a magazine.  The website is moderated by trained professionals.  You need to register but it is anonymous.

Togetherall (previously Big White wall) is a safe place to talk, share and support others like you.  You can access an vibrant online community where members can support each other, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  You’ll find self-assessments and recommended resources, creative tools to help express how you’re feeling and a wide range of self-guided courses to do at your own pace.

Young Concern Trust (YCT) is a counselling and therapeutic support charity. We specialise in supporting children and young people aged 5 – 25 years and their families through challenging times so that they can feel hopeful about their futures.  YCT is able to offer support for an endless range of often very complex issues, and does this through a variety of services including one to one counselling, play therapy, anxiety groups, creative art groups and support for young people and their families who have been assessed for or received an ASD diagnosis.  You can call 01279 414090 or email

Mental Health Support Team (MHST) supports positive mental health for children and young people registered with primary, secondary schools and higher education settings within Harlow.  In Primary schools we focus on Child Anxiety or Challenging Behaviour and the work is carried out with the parent.  We also offer our Brain Buddies course which is an emotional regulation course, teaching children to recognise emotions and develop skills to tackle big feelings in their lives.  In Secondary schools we focus on Adolescent Anxiety or Low Mood and the work is carried out directly with the young person.  We also run workshops and drop-ins for young people.

MindFresh has been created to meet a growing need for better child and adolescent mental health care and signposts children and young people suffering with mental health concerns to approved advice and support.  MindFresh can be accessed online or can be downloaded as an app.  A YouTube video about the resource can be viewed here.

CHAT Health  07520 615733 is a text messaging service manned by a School Nurse between the hours of 9-5pm Monday to Friday. Our aim is to provide a timely, and convenient access to confidential health advice for every young person in Essex.

Open Door offer advocacy support to children and young people under the care of specialist mental health services.  We’re here to support, empower and help you understand your time with community mental health services and/or as an inpatient.  As advocates we are here to help you have your say. We do not make decisions and whatever your opinion we are here to help you express this to all the professionals involved.  We can assist with phone calls, letters/emails and attend meetings with you to make sure your voice is heard.  Call 01375 389879 or email

Beat is the UK’s national eating disorder charity and can provide advice and guidance for both people suffering from eating disorders and those around them.


Suport and Advice for Parents

West Essex Mind provides information and support to anyone who is affected by mental health problems in themselves or their family in West Essex. 

Our Mental Health Support Teams run regular online parent workshops too for Anxiety and Challenging Behaviour and these are aimed at the parents of primary age children. 

In addition, our Parent to Parent programme offers support to parents who feel isolated in their parenting through 1-1 buddy support, group parent pods and access to Supporting Teenagers Emotional Wellbeing and Early Years Parenting courses.

Together with Baby is a service designed to help parents understand better their baby’s emotional responses and communications as well as strengthen the relationship. Many parents find  they have not bonded with their baby in the way they hoped or difficult feelings regarding the experience of parenting have arisen which may feel confusing and uncomfortable. . The service offers a safe non-judgemental space to help parents understand further the difficulties they are encountering.  Call 01621 866900 or email

The NHS campaign – Every Mind Matters – includes ten helpful tips to help parents and carers support their child. 

MindEd is a free educational resource for parents and carers looking for support around children’s mental health and wellbeing

Relate offers useful tips to help parents and carers support their child.

Young Minds have some great resources for parents who are worried about a child or young person's behaviour or mental health. Click here to access them.

Information sheet on how to stay positive & Healthy during coronavirus


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