Healthy Eating and Exercise

BeeZee Bodies are a dedicated team of nutritionists and behaviour change experts, committed to supporting children and families in Hertfordshire to make real, long-lasting changes towards a healthier lifestyle.
BeeZee Bodies run a variety of FREE healthy lifestyle programmes, both online and offline, for families with children aged 5-15 years who are above the ideal weight for their age. Their award-winning programmes work closely with families to teach about healthy eating and exercise in an engaging and practical way. Each of their programmes strive to provide families with the information and support they need to feel empowered to make positive and informed decisions about their own health and wellbeing. 

BeeZee Bodies offer a range of different group and 1-1 services in Hertfordshire. To be eligible for a service, families must have a child aged between 5-15 years old and above their ideal weight based on the BMI centile chart (above the 91st centile). Please note, there is an exemption to this criteria for the BeeZee Lite service.

BeeZee Bodies Services in Hertfordshire:

BeeZee Families
Families can attend a 12-week in-person group programme held in their local community. The fun-filled, family-focussed sessions are full of exciting activities and practical healthy eating advice around topics like portion sizes, breakfast and snacks to name a few. These sessions will help families to build healthy habits each week that will support them in the future. This is a great opportunity for parents and children to meet other like-minded families and support each other on their journeys to better health.

BeeZee Bodies runs an equivalent online programme for those families that would prefer to access the service from home.   

BeeZee Lite
BeeZee Lite is a personalised support service with a wellbeing co-ordinator, signposting to advice around nutrition, physical activity and lifestyle support. The one-hour, 1:1 appointment is typically conducted as a video call and aims to help address specific challenges families may be facing around maintaining healthy habits at home. Together with the family, BeeZee Bodies develop a personalised action plan for families to take away with a follow up appointment a month later. Where further support is needed, families can be signposted to the BeeZee Families service.

For families of children with SEND please contact us even if previous eligibilty criteria do not apply.

BeeZee Lite Workshops
This service is offered to established groups, such as Schools, Community groups and clubs, meaning BeeZee Bodies can come in and run the workshop at a place and time that suits you! The workshop is a 1.5 hour group session, run by a team of Nutritionists and Wellbeing Coordinators. It provides parents/carers with the opportunity to discuss nutrition, physical activity and habits and routines in an informal, inclusive and non-judgemental atmosphere. Families are able to share challenges and tips with other families, then take away an individualised Action Plan to kickstart their own healthy habits. All families are also given the opportunity of a virtual 1:1 check-in a month later.

HENRY is an 8-week programme that provides healthy starts for little ones (0-5 years old). HENRY sessions support parents in creating long-term healthy habits for their family, discussing topics such as nutrition, emotional wellbeing, parenting skills and getting more active. To be eligible for HENRY, families must have a child aged 0-5 and be registered with a GP in Hertfordshire.

B YOU(th)
B YOU(th) is a 10 week programme that supports young people (aged 13-17 years old) with their health and wellbeing. The direction and content of each session is driven by the needs of the young people attending and aims to support positive change and greater wellbeing through discussing the health and wellbeing topics that matter to them. The sessions include fun and engaging activities to empower young people to support themselves and inspire others to do the same. B YOU(th) enables individuals to develop holistically, connect with other young people and freely share their ideas in a friendly and relaxed environment.

BeeZee Blog
The BeeZee Blog is a great place to find healthy recipes, top tips for parents and fun activity ideas too! You can get the best bits sent straight to your inbox by signing up to their monthly newsletter, BeeZee Bytes.

If you are interested in finding out more information, you can contact BeeZee Bodies by telephone or email.

Telephone: 01707 248648


Hertfordshire Contract Manager:
Mobile: 07395 794401


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