Support to help you stop smoking

Free s​​​​upport to stop smoking in Hertforshire can be found here or use the QR code below

The Essex service can be found here 

Cigarette Smoke

Smoking yourself or breathing in someone else’s smoke puts you at risk of asthma symptoms and an asthma attack.  If you are exposed to cigarette smoke you’ll have more symptoms and need more medicines to keep on top of your asthma.  If you continue to smoke or breathe in cigarette smoke, your asthma may become harder to manage and it can cause permanent damage to your lungs.

Babies and Children are at EVEN more risk

Babies and children take more smoke into their lungs than adults and they are at more risk from the toxins given out from smoke. 

They will be more likely to have chest infections and more at risk of an asthma attack.

Cigarette smoke can also be risky for unborn babies, so avoid smoking or being around cigarette smoke if you are pregnant.

But I do not smoke in the house or near my kids

Even if you smoke outside, you bring smoke particles back on your clothes.

Tobacco smoke can stay in a room for over two hours. It can stick to soft furnishings.  Every time you smoke it increases the pollutants in that room.  Smoking in one room, opening doors and windows will not help enough.



What about Vaping?

Although the vape from e cigarettes is considered less harmful than that from cigarette smoke, a survey by Asthma + Lung UK showed that 14% of people with asthma found that vaping, or being exposed to second hand vape, triggered their asthma symptoms.

Until there is more evidence on the effects of vaping, and breathing in vape when you have asthma, consider avoiding vaping at home, in your car, or around your children.

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