Itching or Rash

Skin rashes can occur for a variety of different reasons and are relatively common in pregnancy. Although they generally do not pose harm to you or your baby, in occasional cases they may be associated with an infection that can be transmitted to your baby. For this reason, it is recommended that if you develop a widespread rash during pregnancy, you contact your GP that day/the next morning.

Obstetric Cholestatsis could be a cause of itching in pregancy. Click here for more information.

Am I Immune?

Throughout life, we all encounter many viruses and bacteria. As part of our defence mechanism, the body makes antibodies to help fight infection.

If you have antibodies against a particular virus or bacteria, you are immune, and the antibodies help to prevent or reduce the impact of getting the infection again.

You can get more information on infections during pregnancy by clicking here.

If something just doesn't feel right contact your local maternity team

East and North Hertfordshire:

01438 284124

The Princess Alexandra:

01279 444455, extension 2945

West Hertfordshire:

01923 217343

For more information on local services please click here.


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